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New Album Recorded

Coming to your eardrums soon.

It's here! well almost, The New Madrids' debut album Through the Heart of Town has been recorded over the past two years up in a disused roundhouse. Swifts nesting in the rafters made their displeasure known regularly during the recording process and if you listen really carefully you'll hear the odd angry little tweet here and there! Lack of heating in the 'studio' meant that the winter months were used to co-ordinate the remaining recording schedule, in other words 'let's wait til Spring before going back in to record!' was the mantra while the snow fell and the frost remained........

We had a great time recording the album, there's all manner of instrumentation on there, from mandolins, shakers, baritone saxophone, spanish guitars, thigh slaps, even stocking soles stomping on the wooden floors made it onto the record! We were unbelievably lucky to secure the services of one of the brightest voices in country music, the beautiful and gifted Brennen Leigh sings with Donny on Alaska, one of the standout tracks. Based in Austin Texas there was a bit of cross Atlantic recording with Donny & Dave recording guitars and main vocals then emailing the track to Brennen who booked herself into a studio to sing her parts then send them back across to us! Try explaining that to yer grandpa!

Our engineer/producer Dave MacFarlane has done an incredible job, a true talent who possesses all the patience needed to work with this band in particular! Armed with a 16 channel portable mixing desk, a pair of Tannoy speakers, a bunch of mics and a Macbook he has managed to produce an album any fully fledged and functioning studio would be proud of and we can't wait to let y'all hear it for yourselves so for a limited period you can listen to some of the tracks in full right here and maybe you could even drop us a line and let us know what you think via our mailing list.

We'll be releasing Through the Heart of Town in the New Year, as soon as the actual date is set you'll be first to know dear reader, just keep checking back at or again why not take five seconds to leave your email and we'll let you know personally.

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